It’s often the case that business owners are busy and simply haven’t got the time to dedicate to finding the right deal for their gas, which leaves them paying far more than they should. Fortunately, with the right knowledge, it is possible for businesses to take charge of their gas bills and secure a better deal to improve their cash flow. To help, we have compiled some useful information on business gas, so you know how to find a better deal.

Business gas customers are not able to switch to a new deal until they are within the renewal window of their current contract – which is typically six months prior to the contract end date. These conditions can act as a barrier to switching for some businesses, which leaves them paying well above the market average for the gas that they are using - which makes switching when the time is right all the more important.

It is important to ensure that your business is on the best possible deal for its electricity - if you're overpaying for your power, the fact is that you're putting an unnecessary dent in your bottom line.

In an energy market where prices are rising, the task of finding a cheaper deal on your business’s electricity might seem like a major project. However, provided you’re armed with the right kind of knowledge, it’s easy to find a cheaper deal that suits your business’s electricity consumption habits.

Are you based in Scotland and ready to save on your water rates? Are you ready for English market opening in April 2017? Our team are here and ready to help.

In Scotland, since the water markets opened to competition, customers have saved over £200 million in discounts on their bills. If you are a business in Scotland, we can save you money on your water rates. If you are a business located in England, the market opening shortly could offer your business the chance to save.

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to benefit from the opening of the English retail water market in 2017. Switching doesn’t need to be complicated and you could reap the benefits straight away. Contact us now to apply.

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