More and more businesses are finding their fax machines are costing them too much money, but are hesitant to get rid because they receive orders for business, important letters and other document that need to be sent quickly. Virtual Fax does everything a normal fax can do but MORE and for a lot less money!

How does it work?

Firstly we set the customer up to the service, this normally takes around 24hours.  To set the customers up for inbound faxes, we require the email addresses of everyone that needs to receive the faxes, to setup the outbound service we need the email addresses of who needs to be able to send faxes from their email, this way our service can identify who is sending the faxes and ensure that only registered email addresses are able to send faxes.

Once the customer is fully setup on the service for inbound and outbound. We test the service fully with the customer to ensure everything is working as needed.

To send a fax, the customer simply just needs to open a new email and in the “To” field type the telephone number you want to send your fax to followed by an additional part that we will provide upon signup to the service. The customer simply has to attach the electronic document (Word, PDF or image file) they wish to send and the attached document is what is sent, so no need to worry about your email autosignature being sent with the fax.

Receiving faxes is even better!  You can add an unlimited number of email addresses to the service and even change the addresses instantly if people leave. The fax comes into your email inbox as an email with an attachment, this is great as you then have a record of the date, time and originating telephone number of who sent the fax as well as the fax itself in PDF format. This means that rather than having paper everywhere, you can easily store your faxes on your computer, you can even zoom in and out on them !

How can i save money with Virtual Fax?

We estimate that the average customer pays around £19.66 per month for their physical fax machine, this is calculated based on an average customer receiving 30 faxes a month at a rough cost of 10p per page (for the paper and ink) = £3 + BT Analogue Line Rental at £15 per month + £1.66 in electricity (even in standby mode). So £3 + £15 + £1.66 = £19.66. However this doesn’t take into account any maintenance costs if the physical fax machine breaks down or needs replacing.

In most cases, our existing customers have halved the cost they previously spent on their fax machine by moving to Virtual Fax.

What is the cost?

The service costs £7.99 per month, plus a small pence per minute charge to receive and send faxes. This cost replaces the above estimated £19.66 cost, as Virtual Fax doesn’t use ink or paper (unless you print it, but most customers find it enough to just see on their computer screen), electricity is the same as you would spend with your computer being on through normal use and the BT Line Rental is no longer required as we move your existing number to the Virtual Fax service or set you up with a new number. Finally there is no expensive maintenance costs, as its all Virtual, there is essentially nothing to ever need repairing.

Still not convinced?

Call us on 0845 873 8994 and ask for a no obligation, no hassle, FREE trial of the service. There is no software to download, no contract to sign and no commitment to continue with the product after the trial ends. We are very confident you will love the service and the added benefits it gives.

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