We give our customers the choice of a Basic Service or our brand new Premium Service.

Our Basic Service is purely an email based SMS broadcasting facility, it allows complete control over the bulk delivery of SMS text messages to your database of users. If you’re looking to send a bulk broadcast of SMS text messages instantly or want to send a scheduled delivery we can provide you with the facility through MS Outlook. Used in this manner, SMS is a powerful and flexible means of targeting and delivering your message in a highly effective and focused way.

Our Premium Service is really something special. It can be used as just an Email to SMS service, but it’s main skills and services can only be accessed via the online portal. On the portal you will be able to do things like:

  • Upload Contact Lists and Send Multiple SMS to entire groups of customers
  • Choose when you want your SMS to be sent – prepare your message now and send weeks later
  • Track which mobiles are no longer live or even turned off via a very clever reporting tool !
  • Choose from a large number of options how you want your SMS responses to be dealt with – want certain responses to be sent to another email address ? No problem !
  • Use it to send out your website address and see how many people click on the link within the SMS message.

Quality Service

Our SMS facility is directly connected to all the UK mobile networks. We do not send SMS messages via inferior overseas network operators to save on cost, as service reliability is paramount to Digital Telecom Airtime Limited and our customers. Not only do we provide a resilient and reliable SMS service, but the broadcasting facility is competitively priced.

How it works

Anyone with email software can use this, by simply typing the mobile number you wish to send the SMS to followed by our service domain e.g.  You then have a choice of specifying in the email subject field of what name you want the receiver to see, so they can easily identify who sent the text.

We can also set up your own allocated mobile number or short code that belongs to you so that SMS responses will always be sent back to you.

What does it cost?

On our Basic Service, most customers operate on a pence per text basis which is 3.5p per text, however our Premium Service is slightly more expensive at 4.2p per text – but you are getting a much better class of service. We can also offer significant savings by customers opting for one of our monthly inclusive bundles:

For more information on the SMS service please telephone 0845 873 8994

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