On Hold Services are a cost effective and proven marketing solution which simply connects with your existing telephone system. On Hold works by taking advantage of the free air time created by your telephone system when customers are placed on hold, whilst waiting to speak to a particular department or individual.

Research shows that more than 50% of customers placed on hold will remain connected for over a minute if provided with company information and music. More importantly, more than 30% of customers met with silence or irritating pre-recorded telephone system music don’t call back!

On Hold broadcasts are specifically produced to deliver key business information to its listeners. Key information such as; new product launches and services, seasonal campaigns or special offers, web site details and hours of business and much more.

We can provide your company with a bespoke marketing broadcast for a targeted audience. Choose from a wide selection of professionally recorded music tracks along with a choice of professional male and female voice artists. Take a visit to our examples page to get an idea of how On Hold could work for your business.

Auto Attendant Greetings

First impression is everything and it is vital you give the right image when your business calls are answered. Auto Attendants are commonly used when a business is looking to direct callers to a particular person or department. Have your auto attendant greeting message professionally recorded and make that first impression last. We have a choice of female and male voice over artists available to record your automated company greeting.

For Example:

“Thank you for calling!”
“Please press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Service, Or for accounts it’s 3.”
“Please press 0 if you would like to speak to the operator.”

Professionally recorded IVR Messages

IVR’s are commonly used on systems or hosted systems to announce an introductory business message prior to connecting the call.

For Example:

“Hi and thanks for calling Digital Telecom Airtime, we specialise in delivering business message solutions.
Please hold and a member of our team will attend to your call.”

Night Greeting

More commonly known as an answering machine, having a professionally recorded night message will portray the right image for your business. The recording can simply hook up to your existing phone system or hosted system thus letting your caller know the office is now closed with an option to leave a message if desired.

For Example:

“Thanks for calling, our offices are now closed. We are open Monday – Friday 9am until 5pm. Please leave a message after the tone or alternatively you can send an email to Thank you.”

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