Telecommunications are paramount to the effective running of your business. You need to be in contact with both customer and suppliers at Digital Telecom Airtime Limited we have a solution to suit all your needs.

Featureline – This is a BT only product. It is basically a cross between an analogue line and a phone system, in one. Digital Telecom Airtime cannot provide or bill these types of lines.

Analogue – Allows one incoming or outgoing call at any one time. You can also have a broadband connection on this line. This type of line is the correct line type for additional products such as Broadband, Credit Card machines and alarm systems.

Multiline – A collection of analogue lines on the same number, usually connected to a phone system.

ISDN2 – is a 2 Channel digital line which can have multiples of 2 that can be used for a number of purposes. Digital Lines allow more intelligent features eg: DDI’s direct dialled numbers ,this gives you the facility to allocate individuals their own numbers without having to take out more lines. Calls can be answered directly by the relevant staff member instead of having to go through reception

ISDN30 – is a 8-30 Channel digital line that can be used for a number of purposes (Mainly to connect to phone systems). ISDN30 lines can have several numbers pointed at them

Keep your number – You do not need to change your existing telephone numbers

Easy to switch – All transfer of service is completely seamless with no loss of service and no need to change your number.

Excellent savings – Digital Telecom can save you up to 15% on your line rental and up to 87% on call charges compared to BT.

Fantastic rates – On local, national, International and mobile numbers.

BT Openreach Engineers – All new installs and line faults are carried out by BT engineers to ensure the best quality workmanship and that your communications are running on the Bt Network – still the backbone of communications through out the UK

No long wait on hold to BT to report a fault or query a bill – Calls answered on average within 5 seconds.

UK call centre – All calls answered within UK by knowledgable professional

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