At Digital Telecom Airtime Ltd, we are constantly thinking of new ways we can improve our service to our customers and make dealing with your telephones easier.

Every year, 4 in 10 customers experience a fault with their telephones, but did you know that the charge for a BT Openreach engineer attending your site and not finding a fault with the connection upto the building, is £135 ? If the BT Openreach Engineer does find a fault with the line – they simply repair it at no charge.

To help make the decision on whether to have a BT Openreach engineer visit your premises or not, we have introduced Fault Assurance – for £1 per line/channel per month we will cover upto three BT Openreach Engineer charges during the year if the engineer does not find any fault with the line upto the building. Terms and Conditions do apply, see below.

We think this is a great product and therefore will be adding this to all our customers accounts as of 01/05/14 and as a further gesture of goodwill, we will give all customers three months FREE – If you do not wish to have Fault Assurance after the three months offer has ended – simply email us saying you don’t wish to continue with Fault Assurance and we will remove it from your account.

Terms and Conditions

  • Customers will receive upto three BT Openreach Engineer Fault charges per year, per account.
  • Customers will not be eligible for Fault Assurance cover where the engineer was not able to gain access to the premises at the agreed date and timeslot agreed between the customer and Digital telecom Airtime. In these instances, the customer will be charged for the missed appointment.
  • Digital Telecom Airtime Ltd reserves the right to withdraw or amend Fault Assurance at anytime giving customers one month’s written notice via email.
  • Customers are not eligible for refunds for Fault Assurance where one or more months worth of chargeable Fault Assurance has been provided.
  • Customers have 3 months (the months we are providing free of charge) starting 01/05/14 to notify Digital Telecom Airtime by email if they do not wish to continue with the service. Any emails sent by the customer must be responded to within two working days by a member of the Airtime Support Team, if customer receives no response to their email, it is the customer responsibility to check with Digital Telecom Airtime that the email was received.
  • Customer still must allow Digital Telecom Airtime staff to perform sufficient line tests and equipment tests to firstly work out the problem so that the fault can be correctly logged to BT Openreach. Failure from the customer to provide sufficient information may incur BT Engineer charges that will not be covered under the Fault Assurance Service.
  • As of 1st Feb 2018, alarm lines will not be eligible for Fault Assurance cover.  Customers are encouraged to raise any alarm issues with their alarm company in the first instance. If BT Openreach do end up needing to go to site and prove the fault to be with the alarm equipment or service then the full £135 ex vat BT Openreach callout charge will be applied to the customers next invoice. 

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