More and more businesses are finding their bills getting more and more expensive because their staff are using business lines for personal calls. Call Monitor informs the customer when an unusual call has been made on their bill, over a certain charge or duration.

How does it work?

Our suppliers provide us with “Daily CDRs”, these are the calls that the customer has made that have been processed by BT Wholesale and then passed on to our providers. Unfortunately not every call made can be rated in time and some get stuck in the system and are eventually rated on another day or sometimes not until the end of the month.

Once we get the Daily CDRs, we load them into our billing system, then using numerous analysis techniques, we scan the data for any unusual calls. In the past our customers have found this very helpful to keep their business costs down, prevent staff from using the business phones to make expensive calls and saving customer THOUSANDS of pounds in fraudulent phone calls.

To help our customers we have two services:

This is the product we introduced back in April 2013 and operates as an alert system to us. Once we receive the alert, we look at the phone calls and then assess if they could be fraudulent, if we deem them to be fraudulent, we bar the lines as soon as possible, night or day, from making any further calls and contact you during office hours to inform you what has happened.

The cost of Call Monitor Basic is £2.99 per month per account.

We have listened to our customers that have been the unfortunate recipients of hackers and come up with a new way of combating hackers and saving you potentially thousands of pounds.

The new Call Monitor Premium Service will still alert you when fraudulent calls are seen on your account and in addition, the line making the calls will be barred automatically when a spend line spend limit of £500 is hit (if they haven't manually been barred prior to that amount being hit), meaning the most you will ever be hacked for is £500, although if we receive the data sooner, the cost would be much lower.

The cost of Call Monitor Premium is £3.99 per month per account.


What happens if i opt out of the service?

Customers can opt out of the service, but this then means that expensive, long or unusual calls won’t get picked up before the end of the month and by then, the bill could be quite considerably higher than what it should be.

To see our Terms and Conditions regarding this service, please click here.


Want to know more about Telecoms Fraud ?  Please visit, which explains more about how hackers are hacking into telephone systems. 

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